Recognizing Signs For Replacing Spark Plugs

An integral and critical part of the ignition services, spark plugs can easily become fouled, damaged or worn out and may require replacements. Avoiding it or postponing it can lead to a multitude of engine problems. Generally, replacing spark plug-ins is recommended after an average of 45,000 kms.  The below telltale signs should alert you for replacing spark plugs – which is done best at Allpoint Automotive.

  1. The engine idles roughly
    The sound of your car’s engine should be constant and smooth. If your vehicle’s engine is making more noise than usual, have it checked out by a certified mechanic.
  2. You have trouble starting your car in the morning
    Dirty spark plugs and damaged wires make it difficult or impossible to deliver the spark needed to start the engine. They can even drain power from your battery. If your car is difficult to start in the morning have your plugs and wires checked by a qualified mechanic.
  3. Your car’s engine misfires
    Built-up carbon deposits on your car’s spark plugs can cause one or more cylinders to misfire, resulting in poor performance.
  4. Engine surge or hesitation
    Power surges and hesitation are signs your car’s engine is working inefficiently. It can be quite dangerous if they occur while you are in traffic. If you experience this, have your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic right away.
  5. High fuel consumption
    Worn, deteriorated spark plugs can decrease fuel economy by as much as 30 per cent. If you notice you’re filling the gas tank more often than usual, you might need new spark plugs.
  6. Lack of acceleration
    A sluggish engine can usually be easily fixed with the installation of fresh spark plugs.


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