How to make your tyres last longer

With the double-digit percentage increase in the costof tyres, it has become a matter of utmost importance to extend their life. To increase the longevity of the tyres, you need to follow a regular care routine. This will not only help in saving money and will also ensure safety. Importantly, keeping them aligned is a significant requirement. If the tyres point in or out, the edges get abraded faster.

Rotating the tires after every 5,000 to 10,000 kms (or every oil change) increases their lifespan. Visually inspecting the tyres help spot bulging edges which indicate low pressure. Digital gauges are available in the market, which should be used monthly to keep a check on the pressure.  Therefore tyres should be observed frequently, to check for any cuts or holes as they can usually result in flat tyres or leakage of pressure.  Portable air compressors can be used to keep them inflated for increased fuel-efficiency.

The tyres should be cleaned thoroughly by using the right products. Potholes and damaged roads should be avoided. Most noteworthy, driving cautiously and keeping a speed limit in mind is important.